Three men were travelling on a desert island, because 
their boat was broken down. They are so hunger to wait
other rescue, so their only hope is finding some food.
   Fortunately one of them found a lamp, and then a genie
appears. Everybody can hane one wish, and it will be come
ture! The genie of the lamp said.
   I wish I have many pretty women, one of the men says, and
it really comes ture! I wish I am a rich man, the other one says,
and it comes ture, too!
   It's me who finds it, so I want to make three wish, the last 
one says. "Ok! You can have three wishes then", the genie of 
the lamp says. 
   I wish I have the pretty women all on this island, as he is 
saying. I wish I have the money all on this island, he  says.
As for the last wish, he wants to clean off this island. He is 
running and saying it so fast of making the wish to beaome 
a bird to fly away, but he runs too fast and tripped. "Oh! Shit!! "
he says.
   And then, the desert island left nothing but two men.

謝謝曾幫我修改的人  你也參考一下最後版本吧 ^^
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